tapeworm pictures

Pictures Of Dog Tapeworms

Picture Of Tapeworm In Stool
Picture Of Tapeworm In Stool

Pork Tapeworm Picture Small
Pictures Of Tapeworm Segments
Pictures Of Tapeworm Segments

Photos Of Tapeworms In Humans Small
Pictures Of Tapeworm In Stool
Pictures Of Tapeworm In Stool

Cat Tapeworms Pictures Small

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Comments on tapewormpictures.org

sibonisiwe says:    


I hv been hvng tapeworms for 10 yrs nw hv gone 4 meds a cultural remedies en found out dat wz preg after 2 months I went to clinic t start my montly checkups whn I got there I told Em about my problem en Ey told me there z nothing Ey cn help me w en wrote me a prescription later t go t e hospital bt didn't hv e money to go there after I cm from e clinic I spent 2 dayz I saw a big worm dat I hv never seen n my lyf cmng out o m w poo en it couldn't cm out ol of it en 2 dayz after it cm out en I saw e small worms cmng out dead till nw I hvnt seen anything so my question z iz it e end of dis worms or wat

Jacky says:    


I've some discomfort in my stomach for many years and I've bee sick from stomach ache mostly during my period time. But today, I went to the toilet and I felt there is tapeworm in me. How can it be killed?

cris says:    


I passed this 4-5 inches brown flat looking worm I guess.. Not moving but not normal.. What do I do. I thought tape worms are white. I'm scared. I've had the flu and belly problems for 2 weeks.. Plzzz anyone can someones help or answer?? Really concerned... Thanks Cris........

rick dennis sideshows says:    


we buy human tapeworms for show exhibit--let us know whay cha have and price asked......cash paid-----we will help remove from your body if necessary.

tapeworm in dogs says:    


I saw these images over at this site http://tapewormindogs.com and they look the same.

Phillup says:    


Deez Nutz

Ruth says:    


My tiny chihuahua puppy passed something strange so I took it to my vet and she diagnosed it as tapeworm but what my puppy passed didn't resemble these pictures AT ALL. For one thing, there were no "segments". For another, it was sort of stringy like the fat part of a really thin piece of raw bacon..not "worm like" at all. The vet wants to treat her when she gets to 2 lbs but I'm not convinced she has tapeworms. Wondering if it will harm her to treat her if she doesn't have tapeworms.

Peter says:    


This web page is so overloaded with ads it's hard to discern real from advertised. Shame

renee says:    


Daily my stool is identical to this picture and I have been sick for months. This is noted as "Cat" but can it be in humans?

rick dennis says:    


my girlfriend Jeannine wants to swallow tapeworms to lose weight--she is getting alittle porky lately..is it safe for her ? email her at jeannine fargis@yahoo.com


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